Art Marathon: Frieze Week pt4 – Sunday

Sunday Art Fair

Sometimes not knowing what to expect out of a certain experience will heighten our level of satisfaction more so than anything predictable. The Sunday Art Fair was one such experience, held at Ambica P3, a massive 14,000 square foot open space just a stone’s throw from Frieze. Three galleries jointly organised Sunday Art Fair: Croy Nielsen (Berlin), Limoncello (London) and Tulips & Roses (Brussels). It launched last year in the guise of replacement for the sadly missed Zoo Art Fair, both being, incidentally, sponsored by the Zabludowicz Collection. Refreshingly, a total of 20 international galleries each presented one or two artists and separated their own area simply by marking white lines on the floor, to give visitors a wonderful sense of openness and freedom to move around and enjoy the venue’s architecture. For this reason and because of the high quality of the work presented, Sunday Art Fair demonstrated a strong challenge to Frieze’s hegemony of London art fairs this year.

Christian Jankowski at Proyectos Monclova (Mexico City)

Messages in a bottle – “Review” (2011)

Kate Newby at Hopkinson Cundy (Auckland)

Poetic mediations on space, form and texture…

A Kassen at New Galerie (Paris)

Cut, shift and reassemble… “Equalize” (2011)

Oliver Laric and Dan Rees at Tanya Leighton (Berlin)

(left wall) “Wu Tang Guilloche Rodin” (2011) and (floor) “Heralkes” (2011) by Oliver Laric; (right wall) Untitled (2010) by Dan Rees

“Untitled” (2011) by Dan Rees

Francesco Simeti at Francesca Minini (Milan)

Wallpaper installation “Along the River Side” (2011)

Simon Fujiwara at Neue Alte Brücke (Frankfurt)

Fujiwara explore his cultural identity in juxtaposition with Anglo-Japanese partnership of Hamada and Leach in early 20th Century. “Like Father and Son” (201)

Brody Condon and Debo Eilers at On Stellar Rays (NY)

Works by Brody Condon

Works by Debo Eilers

Matt Connors and Suasanne M. Winterling at Lüttgenmeijer (Berlin)

Matt Conors “First Set” (2011)

Ryan Gander and Taka Izumi at Taro Nasu (Tokyo)

Works by Ryan Gander

Works by Taka Izumi

Raimundas Malasauskas at Tulips & Roses (Brussels)

Alyson Vieira at Laurel Gitlen (NY)

Caroline Archaintre and Maria Zahle at Arcade

Installation view (front standing piece by M.Zahle: back wall piece and ceramic piece by Caroline Achaintre)

Sean Edwards at Limoncello

Installation view

The Zabludowicz Collection “Duel of Dualities” (2011) by David Blandy

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